Friday, June 21, 2019

A Few Gardening Don'ts

I am the first to admit, there is no one right way to garden.  However, after a few painful hours of watching a neighbor, I must post a few suggestions.

1.  The natural form of Hostas and Sedums is desirable.  Sometimes a few stems need removing for various reasons, but the cuts can be easily hidden.  They should not be pruned to look as though they were hit with a powered weed trimmer.

2.  Later in the season, daylilies often need trimming back, but should also be allowed to grow in their natural form.  Cut into a topiary ball, well, I just don't know what to say about that.

3.  Forsythia and Rose of Sharon do need pruning, but look better when pruned in a consistent method.  A rounded, formal bottom with nothing removed from the top looks like a job waiting to be finished.

4.  Not everyone likes ornamental grass, but it is best removed, not pruned back with scissors.

5.  Soft maples and other weedy trees that have seeded themselves in droves around your house and in other plants should not be left.  They need to be removed ASAP.  I was going to suggest this to  the neighbor personally before it became a problem for the sewer and basement, but it felt wrong after seeing the tree being tied to the deck on a windy day.


  1. So glad you're back to posting. I just posted on your "Sclerotium rolfsii" post as I'm having issues again. Wondering if I should invest in the oregano oil? Has the problem returned? I tried the bleach solution a couple of years ago, which seemed to help, but just noticed it again on one of my hostas and I'm unsure how to proceed with treatment this time around.

    1. For some reason I wasn't notified of your response, and just now happened upon it. Will check your other post to see what's up.

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