Saturday, February 16, 2013

Midwinter Houseplant Care

When it comes to houseplants, I am happy to have them survive the winter.  Though I only bring in a small start of each at the end of each summer, about this time some are taking over.  Not thick, lush growth, mind you, but a lot of trying to get to the light growth.  Even plants that are holding their own sometimes have some bug issues going on.  Sometime midwinter I get the time and incentive to get things under control.

One by one I bring a plant to the kitchen sink, cut back what needs controlling, clean out dead leaves, spray the remaining leaves to clean them, thoroughly water the plant, flush the soil with weak dish soap water, spray with neem as needed, allow access water and spray to dry for a few minutes, then return the plant to where it belongs.

What began as a very small start of Oxalis
took over two varieties of Arrowhead Plant
and several varieties of Wandering Jew.

Oxalis thinned and cut back hard
and Wandering Jew trimmed
to make room for the Arrowhead Plant.
All cleaned, watered, treated with neem
and ready to return home.

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