Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Watering

While most of my neighbors have their water hoses put away for the year, I was out today making sure my plants were well watered.  Even though the tops are done for the year, the roots are still growing.  This is not only important for all of my newly planted plants and shrubs, but helps established plants stay strong and prepare for next year's growth.  We are supposed to get rain tomorrow, but we have been hearing that for weeks and have gotten very little.  Today I wanted to make sure the plants got at least one more good drink before the weather gets too cold to do it.  If the weather stays dry, I will still have to do some watering here and there for awhile yet.  With a bit of luck, we will get more rain, which is so much better than tap water. Have you ever noticed how plants perk up with the smallest amount of rain as compared to tap water?  That is because rain comes at the right temperature, with the correct pH and contains nitrogen, as opposed to cold, chlorine filled tap water.

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